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Designing from Bones – Festival of Humanity

Welcome to my weekly series, Designing from Bones, where we use archaeology, mythology and the artifacts of human history to find and design stories. Join me today as we take a look at the ever evolving Festival of Humanity.

The portal keeper is away this week enjoying Saturnalia with his kin and so I thought that I would take the opportunity to share the history of the human festival with all of you. My gift at the close of a long and wonderful year.

Satyr Play at Dionysia

Dionysia, Bacchanalia & Saturnalia

Originating in Eleutherae, Attica, the Dionysia is generally considered a celebration of the cultivation of vines. While not originally attached to Dionysus, the god of wine, he was a natural fit for the festivities as the pantheon of ancient Greece established itself. The celebration was held each year in December with the days differing between communities thus allowing performers and spectators to travel between towns to intermingle and enjoy the variety of attractions.

The ceremonies started with… Continue reading

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