5 Responses to 3 Quick Tips for Linking to External Blog Posts

  1. John Holton says:

    Another good idea, if you’re linking to a post: there’s a checkbox that says “Open link in new page” that will either launch a new browser window or open a new tab with the page in it. I like to do that, because the person reading your post can come right back to it, helpful if the page you’re linking to has links that the reader might be interested in reading. It’s more convenient for the reader.

  2. Yours and Kristen’s are two blogs I always find time to read because they are always so useful.

  3. I REALLY hate it when people reblog. Why do they do it? So lazy!

    • Gene Lempp says:

      John: Right with you on “open link in new page,” I believe mine is set to automatically do that, however, for some it does have to be added. Thanks for bringing that option up 🙂

      Karen: Thank you 🙂

      Renee: Reblogging isn’t a bad thing, necessarily. I’ve been reblogged, however, it is good form to ask the person being reblogged first and not advisable to share the entirety of the post, instead sending traffic in the direction of the original source. I’d also not suggest having reblogging as the central activity of the blog. I’ve seen a few people that do this and after a week or so I’ll end up subscribing to the ones they reblog that are of interest and dropping the constant reblogger. All the time is “lazy,” on occasion done properly, is not 🙂

  4. So practical, Gene. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

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