ROWstart 01-02

Hi everyone!

Well here we are at the start of another round and another year of ROW80. I hope everyone had a great vacation (which many of us took) and superb holidays. I’ve managed to complete most of my to-do list over the past couple of weeks and even get in a few things I didn’t think would fit. On the other hand, I totally blew off exercise during this time but as you’ll see in my goals in a minute I’ll be making up ground fast.

Here are my goals for Round 1 of 2012:

  • Write 7k of fiction each week. This includes fiction only, no blog posts, updates, email, notes to used for fiction or WWBC assignments. Just fiction. I’ll be more detailed on what I’m writing in my future updates.
  • Turn in WWBC assignments in order, I’d say “on time” but my team doesn’t work on a set schedule. My plan is to move through the entire process this year. Wish me luck.
  • 30 minutes on the treadmill 5 days a week. This has been my primary fail point in previous rounds now I’m getting tough on myself and forcing this one to become a habit I don’t think about and just do. I am currently in a challenge with Marcia Richards of 32 walks between Dec 1, 2011 and Jan 31, 2012. I’ve completed 8 walks. Yeah, not good. So this goal will catch me up and help me complete the challenge.
  • Read one craft book (during this round; six for the year) which will be Stephen Kings “On Writing”. Wanted to do this one last year and now I’m finally to it.
  • Read three fiction books (during this round; twelve for the year, at least). I don’t know what these will be yet so stay tuned for details.
  • Keep up with all my sponsor duties.

And with that said I’ll stopping around to visit as many of you as I can today in between hitting goals and preparing children for the return to school tomorrow. Have a great first week *smile*

Peaceful Journeys!

About Gene Lempp

Gene Lempp is a writer blending elements of alternate history, the paranormal, fantasy, science fiction and horror for dark and delicious fun. He unearths stories by digging into history, archeology, myth and fable in his Designing from Bones blog series. “Only the moment is eternal and in a moment, everything will change,” sums the heart of his philosophy. You can find Gene at his Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, WANATribe, Google+, Pinterest and StumbleUpon.
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21 Responses to ROWstart 01-02

  1. Good luck, Gene! I know you can do it. King’s “On Writing” was awesome. I read it years ago. I think you’ll like it.
    Happy First Monday. 🙂


    • Gene Lempp says:

      Hi. I’m about a third of the way through “On Writing” and loving it. I can see why all of you are raving about it. King is an easy and fun read.

      Diane: I’m a fan of Tad Williams from “Memory, Sorrow & Thorn” days although I haven’t read “The Dragon Bone Chair”. I’ll have to put that on my list, thanks for the recommendation.

      Suzanne: No, I don’t write on the treadmill. Tried it. Almost fell off. Plotting in my head works better and I have a voice activated recorder for the things I don’t want to forget.

      Marcia: I walked today *grins*. I am going to make this goal. Thanks for being wonderfully supportive 🙂

      Pam/Hawley: I have Danse Macabre on my craft list for the year, I’ll take a look at 11/22/63 to see if it grabs my interest, but may delay it a bit. I’m careful about letting too much of any one writers voice into my head. Thanks for the recommendation.

      Debra: Late is better than never, be glad to see you join in whenever the fates allow.

      Thanks to everyone for the excellent support. It helps me get through the rough spots and I am forever appreciative of each and every one of you. Peace 🙂

  2. kerrymeacham says:

    Good luck, ROWbro. Off to post mine now. ~clink~

  3. Diane Tibert says:

    I guess I should get in gear and make my own list of goals for 2012. The first is to survive December 21st. 🙂

    It’s good to see others who must also ‘force’ themselves to read fiction. I love reading but I seldom have time with all the writing. I’m beginning this year with Tad Williams’ “The Dragon Bone Chair”.

    Good luck, Gene.

  4. heatherishither says:

    Happy New Year and best of luck with your goals!

  5. Good luck. Stephen King’s “On Writing” was really good. I liked how he talked about rules and then admitted none of them were hard and fast.

  6. Terrific goals, Gene. I read Stephen King’s book years ago, and it has a special place on my bookshelf. I hope you enjoy it and find it inspiring. I’m curious, do you write while you’re on the treadmill? Just wondering! Good luck and happy writing!

  7. amyshojai says:

    You go! Sounds like a great start.

  8. K.B. Owen says:

    Wow – 7K a week! Woot! I hear ya on the exercise, Gene. Great goals, and good luck! I’m here for ya!

    Your new ROW-sis,

  9. Marcia says:

    Great list of goals, Gene! The writing goal would be aggressive for some of us, but I believe you’ve already proved it’s feasible, since NaNo. The exercise goal I know you can accomplish, too. I’m right there with you. December was really tough and I have, I think, 21 walks to complete this month. You are definitely a man who is capable of handling many tasks at once, so I know you’ll be wildly successful in this round! Good luck!

  10. ellanbethia says:

    Nice, Gene! I am rooting for you and inspired. I feel that my list is a bit wimpy (especially compared to yours). I might have to 1) provide more detail or 2) add more challenges. I might just add more detail now and more challenges later as my confidence grows. 😉

  11. Fantastic goals Gene. If last round is any indication, you are going to kick it this round as well. No doubt. The treadmill challenge will be tough – I don’t know what it is about exercise goals that makes them so hard to reach – but I think you are in the right frame of mind to make it happen this year. Here’s to kicking off 2012 right!

  12. Nice to you as an sponsor (again!).
    Awesome goals. When adding my words, I don’t count blogs and other stuff too, only what goes down on paper (or computer) and adds up to the story.
    And I know you can meet the exercise goal. We’ll be here cheering you on 😉
    Good luck!

  13. hawleywood40 says:

    Happy New Year Gene! Wow – I’m impressed by your ambitious goals and have loved following your fitness challenge with Marcia – kudos to you both! I really loved “On Writing.” I still have it on my Kindle and go back to it now and then. I’m currently reading 11/22/63 by Stephen King and lovin’ it … would definitely recommend it for one of your fiction selections if you’re looking for ideas.

  14. Em says:

    Brilliant goals and I definately think you can reach your walk goal. I think walking is something I need to start doing, it is free after all!

    Have a great week and here is to a great round!

  15. Happy New Year, Gene! Just popping by to say “HI!” and high-five you for setting fantastic goals. I look forward to following your success. 🙂

  16. Debra Eve says:

    I’m with Kathy — 7K of fiction is breathtaking. You go, Gene! I’m mired in the day job at the moment and will be ROWing a bit late. As is fitting 🙂

  17. Patricia says:

    Very nice goals, Gene! On track and not wishy-washy. I hope you attain them all. Best of luck to you in 2012.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  18. deniz says:

    Great goals! Hmm, maybe I should be including a fitness angle…
    Loved On Writing – I think it’s time I reread it!

    Happy new year!

  19. Hello Gene!
    7k per week? That would be 1k per day; I think that’s a fine amount of words. Besides writing, it seems you’ll have a busy round 1. Good luck! And thank you for the comment on my blog.

    I saw your post about Lemuria – I’m very interested, so I’ll come back and read it later.

  20. J Holmes says:

    Nice article Gene. Happy New Year to you and all.

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