ROWdate 10-16

Hi everyone!

It was a long and exciting week here. There was work (ugh), writing (yay!), teen girl drama (when isn’t there), a new kitten (pics in the near future, her name is Tillian and she is uber cute), unexpected drama (big frowny face) and tons of ultra-cool people (like you *smile*). Overall it was a challenging week, but a good one. Lessons have been learned, obstacles overcome and growth occurs. Here’s how I did on my goals.

The NaNo project, very loosely called “Prism Seed” is coming along well. Not as much in word count this week but I made quite a few breakthroughs on smoothing out the story line. Yes, I put in 12k the first week but much of that was brainstorming ideas. Since then I’ve cut about 60% in refining the concept (which is much better now, thank you Kristen Lamb, Larry Brooks and Alexandra Sokoloff) and am starting to get clearer visions of my characters (heroine and the bad guys). I should be ready by Nov 1 with a working outline.

I am one lesson behind in Kristen’s blogging class but will be doing that this afternoon. Awesome information in this class. Just sayin’. Take it. *smile*

And now to the dreaded treadmill *hangs head*.

So yesterday, I wrote Kerry for our bi-weekly check-in with each other and related that I had been missing the treadmill goal. Work, kids, blah, blah…”I am beginning to wonder if I need exercise given that I am so active naturally.”

Yeah, that would be nice, but no.

Kerry writes back to me and says: “If you don’t mind a little ROWbro butt kickin’ then I would suggest you really ask yourself if this is logic speaking or rationalizing.” Well, of course, I was rationalizing. Thank you ROWbro, back on course.

Then this morning, literally two seconds after I started typing this paragraph, Kerry IM’s me to say that he needed to take his own advice. We had a nice conversation and kicked each other back in gear to exercise and today, no excuses, I’m back on the treadmill and my fabulous ROWbro is starting his own exercise routine. We aren’t young guys and maintaining our bodies is a must for reasons of energy and overall health.

You now have permission to call us out if we don’t list an exercise goal or update on progress. I’m going to make myself and Kerry (because I know he won’t mind) accountable to all of you, fellow ROW travelers, on our exercise quest. And if you have any fitness tips, tricks or exercise routines you enjoy, share them with us. We’d love to hear what everyone else is doing to stay fit as well.

Off to visit some other ROWers now and hit the NaNo prep. Hope all of your weeks have been good ones.

Peaceful Journeys!

About Gene Lempp

Gene Lempp is a writer blending elements of alternate history, the paranormal, fantasy, science fiction and horror for dark and delicious fun. He unearths stories by digging into history, archeology, myth and fable in his Designing from Bones blog series. β€œOnly the moment is eternal and in a moment, everything will change,” sums the heart of his philosophy. You can find Gene at his Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, WANATribe, Google+, Pinterest and StumbleUpon.
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19 Responses to ROWdate 10-16

  1. kerrymeacham says:

    Hey ROWbro. I’ll also be mentioning our conversations regarding exercise on my update today. We’ll keep each other going on that, as well as the more writerly things too. Have a great weekend, and Rock The ROW!!! ~clink~

  2. Hi Gene and, by the callout about exercise, to your ROWbro Kerry. *waving* I have exercise as part of my goals too. I did so well with it until about a year ago then slowly fell off the truck. Even though it is a goal I’ve committed to, a nasty brain gremlin of “rationalization” and excuses shows up on exercise days. My trick this week was to mention it in a tweet and that I was hedging. I had three people instantly ping back and give me motivation and a touch of loving shame. Off to the gym I went. That instant accountability and support worked for me. Also, I tell myself I only have to do 30 min on the treadmill then if I feel like doing more, it is gravy. I read my Kindle while walking, which is relaxing to me and keeps me going longer than listening to music. Gene, kudos on your continued NaNo planning work.

  3. That is a really good goal to add, I think I will borrow it. Good luck on your side!

  4. Em says:

    Glad your week has gone so well! Whenever I read about your NaNo prep it freaks me out that I am yet to plot etc. But there is two weeks until the start so I have time right?!

    Exercise is definately an important one, I left it off my list probably because I don’t want to be accountable! I am worried that I will use NaNo as an excuse to eat badly because I ‘won’t have time’ to do otherwise. Hmm….lots to think about!

    Have a great week and thanks for the twitter links to Larry’s NaNo posts…mentioned you in my post today!

  5. Susan A. says:

    Aside from not staying on top of the exercise goal, it looks like you have been doing well. I’m not part of the crew doing Nano but it seems like you are more prepared then some on that, so keep it up.

    It isn’t easy making yourself jump on that treadmill, but the thing I found that helps me is to have an awesome and upbeat playlist to listen to while running/walking, whatever you do on there. I found it made the whole experience far more pleasurable than being on it in silence or while watching a TV. Hopefully, you will be reporting back with progress on this front at the next check-in. I will be watching!!!

  6. Hmm. I would say the thing that makes me want to “exercise” is spontaneous dancing to a good song on the radio. Hey, its five minutes, its fun and doesn’t feeeel like exercise. That’s probably because it isn’t right??? Oh well, I guess use ROWers are expert rationalizers.

  7. Katy Bennett says:

    Good job even if you did slack on the exercise front. I literally do about 20 mins of yoga followed by 5 minutes of deep breathing, it’s good for the mind and body. My tip is be sensible and don’t put muscles or back at risk of over straining.

  8. Stacy Green says:

    It’s so easy to slack on the exercise front. I’ve done that myself this past week. Have to get back into it or I’ll be in trouble.

    You did great with your other goals as always, and like Nicole says, sometimes 5-10 minutes can jump start everything else.

  9. Love that you’re ‘keeping-it-real’, Gene! and by the way…we have two daughters – now out of the house – so, yeah, we’ve been through the teen girl drama. Oy! Now we have three sons still at home…but one in Fla right now visiting one of the girls! Yeah!!!! It’s soooo quiet with only two boys here.. lol. Seriously, they drive you nuts, but you can’t stand it when they’re not with you. It must be love. Ha!

    Sounds like you’re plotting and planning away for NaNo. I’m considering joining, but am still undecided (er, that’s adult code for scaredy-cat). I am outlining like a madwoman – just in case I summon the courage to jump in.

    Have a great week, and I’m sending encouragement your way (and Kerry’s) to get on that treadmill!

  10. I hear ya on the exercise. And wow, I can’t believe how many people are doing both Row80 and NaNoWriMo, but I guess Row80 can be a good support in the goal department. Keep up the good writing progress, and don’t ignore the exercise. Hopefully you can find something that works for you.

    • Gene Lempp says:

      Barbara: Great advice and I can tell from the “planking” pic you sent in to the ROW party that you must be in better shape then me πŸ™‚ Accountability truly is the key. I know Kerry and I both got in our workouts today.

      Jennifer: Excellent. Best of luck πŸ™‚

      Em: I saw the mention, thanks. Larry’s advice has been a huge help to me, now if I could just find a way not to sleep I’d be getting somewhere.

      Susan: Thanks for watching…got the walk in today with 30 other things going on around me. Thinking that the exercise buys me a calm in the storm.

      Nicole: Not sitting at a computer or in front of the TV can be exercise. Right? *grins* Think of it this way at least writers hands get good workout typing and scribbling πŸ™‚

      Katy: You are actually one of the people that made me kick myself into gear. Always so steady with your exercise goals. Thanks!

      Stacy: Trust me it doesn’t take long to fall out of the routine. You know the rule if it is bad for you it never wants to leave and if it is good for you it vanishes quickly.

      Nadja: Nice to share the pain joy with you Nadja. Some days it does feel like my girls run my life with their schedules but things can be a bit dull when they aren’t around. Although I will admit I get a great deal more writing done when they aren’t at home.

      Angela: It looks to be about 50/50 between ROWNaNo’s and ROWNoNaNo’s. Sounds like a catchy tune like that. Thinking I got this exercise thing under control now, just needed a good kick from my ROWbro πŸ™‚

  11. Marcia says:

    Exercise is always the toughest thing to get going and keep going, even though it’s more important than anything else. That said, I’m right there with you…did some, not all. Are you using the same writing project for both NaNo and Row80? That would make sense. Can’t imagine someone doing two separate projects or even having two different word goals toa ccomplish. I have enough trouble with one! You’re doing well *patting you on the back* keep it going!

  12. Ruth Nestvold says:

    Congrats on getting back on schedule with the exercise and progress on the writing outline as well!

    Have a great week with many words and ideas and hours on the treadmill. πŸ˜€

  13. Kat Morrisey says:

    Congrats on your progress so far! I added exercise to my goals in the middle of last round, and put it front and center this round. It definitely helps with my energy levels and sleep, and I will need all the energy I can muster for NaNo this year! Have a great week and good luck!!

  14. Gina says:

    my exercise tip – get a pedometer. it makes you mindful of how much walking you do in a day. i tend to take the long way back to my desk at work, or walk a few extra blocks during my lunch break to see what difference it makes. i don’t use it on the treadmill, though… might be something to consider.

    best of luck rowing this week!

  15. Tia Bach says:

    Sounds like a great week, especially with the re-focus on exercise. I’ve heard Kristen Lamb’s name so much recently. It’s high-time I find out more about her. That’s a new ROW80 goal for me in the coming weeks!

    I have three girls, my oldest just started middle school, so I hear you about teen girl drama.

    Hope you have a great week!

  16. Hartford says:

    I just did a nice lengthy comment at Kerry’s blog about how awesome I think it is that you guys kicked each other’s butts to get back on the exercise train. Healthy body = healthy mind. But beyond that, it’s about putting your most important priorities first and I think you both are doing that. An inspiration for the rest of us.
    So…show us how it’s done and we’ll take your lead and follow with blind faith and loyalty! πŸ™‚
    Great work – keep it up!

  17. Jemi Fraser says:

    Popping over from Cat’s blog to say hi! Glad you had a productive week – that darn exercising is tough to fit in. Especially when there are so many other things to do too! πŸ™‚

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