ROW80 Update 8-14

Hello everyone! Time for another ROW80 Update. Well, it was bound to happen, I actually missed a goal this week. However, it took a tremendous effort by life and the day job (nearly 75 hours vested in the day job over the past 7 days) to accomplish it. I was not about to make it easy after all *grins*

Here is how my week went.

  • The WIP, this is where I choose to take my hit (and miss). I was able to get in 1925 words this week, with a 3000 word goal. Currently, I’m dissecting a host of craft books and culling all of tips, tricks, structure and design methods from them. I’ll be using the information to build a Standard Operating Procedure for how I approach writing novels and will test drive it with Virtual Perihelion (i.e. “the WIP”).
  • I’m on a 14 day streak on 750 words. Some of those days I just typed at hyper speed to cram it in during 12-15 minutes of “free time” late at night. You know that moment when your in zombie mode from exhaustion, the mind has drifted away but the Muse is still typing words. Yeah, had that a few times, I think my Muse was playing with me. Anyway, I’m still in the August challenge (out of the original 860 that signed up only 411 remain) and am typing this on there right now just to be sure I get it done today.
  • Finished Characters, Emotion and Viewpoint by Nancy Kress yesterday morning. Excellent book, I’d highly recommend it for those of you who haven’t already read it. (But to those that have, read it again, it’s just that good). I’ll review the book at some point in the future.
  • I managed to get all three Treadmill walks in this week. I’m loving the new found energy that has come with this. There is no way I could have made it through the past week without the benefits of exercise. Advice: Never take your health lightly.

And now, a brief rant about the recent change WordPress made to Tweeting posts.

Over the past week, WordPress made an arbitrary change to how we publicize each others blogs by using the Tweet button. Added to every Tweet is “/via (at)wordpresscom”.

This is basically a way to steal your publicity and promote themselves at the bloggers expense. How? Simple. Every time a WordPress blog is tweeted the acclamation goes to WP, not the blogger. They get free publicity as a result of this. Also, attached to this process is a screen prompt asking the tweeter to follow wordpresscom and it auto-loads Twitter after the tweet, complicating a simple process.

My advice. Whenever you tweet one of your favorite WordPress bloggers, remove the “/via (at)wordpresscom” marker and replace it with the bloggers (at)name. We have a right to our publicity and the blogger will thank you for it.

*end rant* Thanks for reading.

That’s all for this week. I hope your weeks went well. May the Muse always shine brightly upon your paths.

Peaceful Journeys!

About Gene Lempp

Gene Lempp is a writer blending elements of alternate history, the paranormal, fantasy, science fiction and horror for dark and delicious fun. He unearths stories by digging into history, archeology, myth and fable in his Designing from Bones blog series. β€œOnly the moment is eternal and in a moment, everything will change,” sums the heart of his philosophy. You can find Gene at his Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, WANATribe, Google+, Pinterest and StumbleUpon.
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21 Responses to ROW80 Update 8-14

  1. Katy Bennett says:

    congrats on still going after your goals despite a gruelling week, it seems we spend most of our lives tucked away in an office somewhere.Hope next week treats you well.

  2. kerrymeacham says:

    Yo ROWbro. Don’t beat yourself up Gene. It looks to me like you had a great week considering the number of blogs you did, and oh yeah 75 hours at the day job. I know you hate to miss a goal. But you also need to take into account the number of weeks you went OVER your WIP word goal. I’m betting your way over your total goal on your WIP at this point for ROW. Am I right?

    • Gene Lempp says:

      Katy: So true, I love my office, but I’d like to do use more then just the corner where my desk is. Have a great week, Katy!

      Kerry: Good point. I am indeed over my ROW goal on the WIP if I count all of the past overages. I do hate to miss a weekly goal though and tend not to think of overages as “banked”. Thanks for looking after my sanity ROWbro πŸ™‚

  3. C.M. Cipriani says:

    I’m still new to all this blogging/Tweeting thing but I’ll try and remember to replace the /via thing.

    It sounds that, even though you didn’t meet your weekly goal, you still were quite productive. I have Kress’s book on my shelf, it’s next in line to be read!

  4. Gene, I’m going to drag out one of the things I always tell myself–the half-full glass. You have a 7/8ths full glass here! I do understand your disappointment, as I am a recovering perfectionist, but seriously, you are to be lauded for coming so close, given what the day job handed you this week.

    I hadn’t noticed the change in WordPress–grr, I’ll start the habit of stripping their free advertising–buggers! Thank you for the rant.

    Have a good week, Gene. I hope the day job is kinder to you!

  5. Amber West says:

    I think the beauty of ROW80 is in the week’s we don’t quite meet the goal we set. Those are usually the weeks that I feel like I would not have managed ANYTHING if I didn’t have a goal to strive for. You are doing great!

    (And I do exactly what you mentioned when I tweet a blog. Erase the @WP, drop the blogger’s name in πŸ™‚ )

  6. Jaleh says:

    I’m impressed! You’ve done a fantastic amount of writing this week in and around everything. Best wishes for this next week.

  7. Stacy Green says:

    You’ve done amazing this week, especially considering the day job hours you put it. You’ll still rocking the row. Great job!

  8. Gene
    Putting in 75 hours at the day job is nothing to sniff at! You sound like my husband; he’s always being asked to stay extra at work.
    I’m going to read Characters, Emotion, and Viewpoint, by Nancy Kress. You’ve mentioned it a number of times, so I’m certain you did really enjoy it.
    Congrats at still being in the challenge for August, too. (That exercise is paying out! Ha!)
    Best wishes this week ~ Nadja

    • Gene Lempp says:

      Nancy: Thanks for the pep talk (yes, I am a recovering perfectionist). WP is indeed tricky, a Silvester and Tweetie moment and Grandma was out of the room.

      Amber: Exactly. I know that without ROW80 I would have come home from work, tired, possibly irritated and said “screw it, I’m just gonna chill”. ROW80 has been a great help at getting me past those points and actually accomplish things during hard moments like this. Kudos to you for dumping the @WP, I do the same for AddThis and all the other services to, by the way.

      Jaleh & Stacy: Thanks. Appreciate the supportive comments πŸ™‚

      Nadja: I am a bit driven, yep. As Kerry pointed out in an earlier comment, I hate to miss any goal, for any reason. This is a strength and a curse at times. Definitely read CEV by Kress, can’t recommend it enough. On 750, I feel a certain pride in being one of the less than 50% still remaining.

      Too ALL: Have a Great Week! You are all fantastic πŸ™‚

  9. alberta ross says:

    I’ve always thought it must be painful being a perfectionist!! It sounds you’ve done well this week why the whip? all the best for next week – will try and remember the twitter thing

  10. Em says:

    I can relate to feeling blue that you missed a goal but you acheived so, SO much that you sound like you have had a very successful week. I hope this week things are calmer at work and you meet all your goals!

    • Gene Lempp says:

      Alberta: No whip, trust me on that one. I do push myself more than I should at times though. Still working out the perfectionism, recovering, not recovered. Thanks πŸ™‚

      Em: It should be a calmer week. Thanks for the support πŸ™‚

      Thanks to everyone for helping me keep things in perspective. It is greatly appreciated!

  11. Gene – great progress and keep going. Six blogs in one week – WOW! πŸ™‚

    I need to pay more attention to the @WP. I saw it, but didn’t think anything of it. I agree 100% with your rant.

    • Gene Lempp says:

      Yeah, I guess I did accomplish a great deal. It was such a long week I was only looking at what I didn’t get accomplished and not at what I did.

      Thanks for the comment and support Tiffany πŸ™‚

  12. Lynn Kelley says:

    Wow, Gene, reading all that you’ve accomplished this past week makes me dizzy reading it. That’s phenomenal! Zombie mode seems to work well for you!

    Thanks for the heads up about WordPress’ sneaky shenanigans. That’s pretty stinky of them. I’ll be sure to delete the reference to them.

  13. Great week for you! Not so great for myself, but sometimes I just need to take a break. I never know when that time is, life just takes over and I am left wondering what happened. You keep on going tho, no matter what. Great job on the treadmill btw.

  14. EllieAnn says:

    Wow! You had such a full work week and still got so much done. Kudos to you, sir!
    And I totally agree about the wordpress publicity mongering. It’s annoying!!

  15. Piper Bayard says:

    Great job, Gene! There is no dust collecting on your computer, for sure.

    I had noticed the change in tweets, but I didn’t realize that’s why it was happening. I never used a tweet button. I always copied the url into the tweet. Leave it to me to do it the techno-hard way. Thanks for the info.

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